Ninja Rig – Shoulder Deformation Test – WIP

So I’ve been messing with a deformation approach that I saw from here. HippyDrome’s results look awesome! It took me a long time to get something working with the spine that looks alright, but recently I moved on to the shoulders to see how difficult they would be. After a days work this is what I’ve got, definitely something cool but could be a lot better. The left side has the corrective blendshapes, and the right side is just joints and smooth skinning. You can see the improvement. I welcome all suggestions!

(The videos dont seem to play very well, until I get this fixed feel free to download them locally and play them.)

Front Wireframe

Back Wireframe

Front Shaded

Back Shaded

3Q Front Shaded

2 Responses to “Ninja Rig – Shoulder Deformation Test – WIP”

  1. Various of folks blog about this topic but you said some true words!

  2. hmmm awesome Buddy ….. Nice Stuff ,

    its Smooth …. i like it !!!

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