Ninja Rig – Arm Setup –

So I’m slowly working my way through the Ninja Rig, took some time to tackle some tough spots, that I was concerned about. Namely, Corrective BlendShapes for body deformation. It took some time to hammer it out, but I was able to get back to the body rig this weekend. I think I’m doing a fairly basic arm rig, with some new techniques added.  I wanted to get a system working that would allow a predictable poleVector movement for the elbow, but allow me to scrub an attribute to rotate the elbow around. Similar to the Leg Setup I posted, I want to give the animator the choice between moving a poleVector object in space to manipulate, or hiding that object and use a single scalar value to in the channel box to define the elbow rotation. All the while, allow elbow pinning as well. So I think I will have three modes: Auto (rotate attribute), Manual (normal PoleVector object), and pinned (to lock the elbow down).

Below you will find the video showing off the arm setup. The only thing I still need to add is an Auto Clavicle system.


One Response to “Ninja Rig – Arm Setup –”

  1. its awesome. could u please share the process of arm setup

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