Face Rig WIP

I just wanted to post some progress from the second Rigging Dojo course. It was a great course learned a ton of stuff, I hope to finish it soon. The weights and Deformations need a lot more love, I just did very rough pass of enveloping his lips to show off the rig.


3 Responses to “Face Rig WIP”

  1. Great work Matt!!! The deformations seems to be very good!! and the falloff rig is awesome!!!
    I will post my head rig soon. I’m currently with a lot of work!!
    Congratulations for your work Mat!

  2. Hey, thanks Niko! I enjoyed working with you as a fellow student on face rigging.

  3. wow that’s insanely cool. I’m still on the quest for figuring out fine control on top of blendshapes. Thinking of taking some rigging dojo classes, they seem to teach quality things.
    Thanks for posting, you have very inspiring stuff here.

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