Skinning & Deformation

Rigging Mentor: Course 1 complete – focused on Skinning and Deformation.

On February 1st of this year, the first Rigging Mentor course began and I was fortunate enough to get in and it was awesome! Each course is six-weeks long, and for the first course I focused on Skinning and Deformation using the Venom model a friend of mine modeled. Here is a quick video of what I accomplished.

2 Responses to “Skinning & Deformation”

  1. Awesome skinning

  2. Are you going to release the Ninja rig as a download? I downloaded the same Ninja from but that version had some bugs with the wrists and head rotations. I plan to make a continuation short animation from my YouTube animation Hit: “Ninja vs. Creature”. Let me know if you are, I would include you in the credits.
    Check out my video:

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